Special Lectures

Dr. William “Bill” Sutton

Founding Director, Sport and Entertainment Management MBA Program at University of South Florida

Date: Dec 14th, 2016 (Wednesday) 14:30-16:30

Title: "Future Evolution of Sport"

Dream Together Master students had a very special guest from University of South Florida on December 14th, 2016. Dr. William A. “Bill” Sutton is a distinguished academician and a proven sports marketing practitioner. He currently holds an appointment as Founding Director and Professor at the Sport and Entertainment Business Management Graduate Program in the Management Department at the University of South Florida and is the founder and principal of Bill Sutton & Associates, a consulting firm specializing in strategic marketing, revenue enhancement and organizational chemistry.


Dr. Joon-ho Kang, Founding Director of Dream Together Master Program and Dr. William Bill Sutton, Founding Director of Sport and Entertainment Management Program having a photo before the special lecture.

Dr. William Bill Sutton gave a presentation on sports future evolution based on his unique and ample experience. He started his speech by giving a question “What does the next 5-10 years look like?.” Students mentioned few points as evolution of sponsorship, e-sports etc. The lecturer said that the seats of the sport games can be financed just like a mortgage for up to 50 years. He also added that the seat can increase in value letting the “owner” sell it at a higher price like a house or real estate.


Dr. William Bill Sutton listening to the student’s comments and question during his lecture.

During his presentation, virtual reality used in sport field and its impact was discussed. He said that virtual reality brings the fan sitting at home to feel as sitting courtside at the game which is a way to keep the sports fan. He has introduced his insights on variety of use in Virtual Reality(VR) giving an example of helping paraplegics regain body functions and more. He was amazed to explain the future evolution that will happen and help in sport business. He closed his lecture by emphasizing the employment opportunities in the next decade will foster that the industry is looking for explorers. Dream Together Master students learnt new ideas that would help improve the world with sport.


A group photo was taken after the lecture. Dream Together Master Class of 2015-2017 and Class of 2016-2018 were passionate on giving a question to the lecturer.