Rani Handayani


Intern, Korean Paralympic Committee
4th Batch Graduate

Q1. Please introduce yourself.

Hallo my name is Rani Handayani. I am from Indonesia. I am the second daughter among five siblings in my family. Sport is my passion. Sport has given me many of opportunities that I have never imagined before.

Q2. Please describe your responsibilities and duties in your current job.

I was working in National Sport Committee in Indonesia, West Java region as a staff of sport development department. In the department we were working as a team and have responsible to analyze every sports training program needs. Whether are fulfilling sports equipment needs, meals, try out programs, etc. Besides that, I also work as an assistant professor.

Q3. What do you remember most about your internship?

I was doing my internship at Korean Paralympic Committee in the Sport Promotion Department. There were a lot of nice things happened during my internship period. Met new work colleagues and having new work experience culture are the most things to remember during my internship. Besides that, I was involved in the pre-preparation of Paralympic Forum hosted by KPC. But unfortunately, I could not attend the forum because the forum held just few days before PyeongChang Winter Paralympic 2018, after my internship period end.

Q4. How does the Dream Together Master help you with your career goals?

Being a sport expertise is one of my ultimate goals. DTM has given me a mile stone to reaching my dream. DTM is not just an educational program. DTM is way more than that. Not only classmates, but also a family. For me, DTM is a hope to catching the “Dream”, “Together” we shared our notion with the same purpose, for “Master”-ing every challenges and get the better life in the future.


[DTM 4th batch, Muju, Republic of Korea.]

Q5. Please give your advice for the current and future Dream Together Master students.

I will cite a quote. “You do not need to be great to start something. Do it now and do not ever put off because the chance may not come twice.” Enjoy your life in Seoul, every single minutes, and good luck.