Special Lectures

“Play True” Olivier Niggli, the Director General of WADA highlights the significance of 'clean sports'


[Olivier Niggli presented the scientific and medical advancements of World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).]


“Play True”
The phrase implied the whole lecture. Awaiting upcoming PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics and Paralympics, Dream Together Master invited an eminent guest to share the insight of the controversial issue, ‘anti-doping’. It was right after the Foundation Board Meeting of World Anti-Doping Agency held in Seoul on November 16th. Olivier Niggli, the director general of World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) shared his vision of the organization and the anti-doping.


“Building an anti-doping agency that is fit for the future”. Olivier’s vision was future-oriented. He valued not only the history of anti-doping movement, but also the legacy it will leave. He elaborated WADA with its vision, mission, and values. The ‘vision’ is to make a world where all athletes can compete in a doping-free sporting environment. The ‘mission’ is to lead a collaborative worldwide movement. The ‘values’ are accountability, excellence, and integrity.


They correspond to those of DTM. DTM’s ‘vision’ is to make the world more connected through sports administration, ‘mission’ is to lead a worldwide tendency, and the ‘values’ include excellence and integrity. The similarity between the two organizations allowed audience to immerse themselves in the lecture.


Mr. Olivier further elaborated the major roles of WADA in sports environment. First and foremost, WADA ensures confidence by monitoring compliance. It researches and educates anti-doping, spreading the culture towards doping in sport. Collaborating with National Anti-Doping Organizations (NADOs) and Regional Anti-Doping Organizations (RADOs), the capacity of the organization grows globally. By investigations and researches, the expertise gets more and more advanced.



[Olivier Niggli with DTM 4th and 5th batch students. His warm passion touched each one of students’ hearts.]

“To do more, we need more.” He rounded off the lecture by emphasizing more effort. Overcoming the challenges, anti-doping movement and WADA have been evolving. DTM, thriving as a global platform of sports administration, dreams the future of clean sports. It was an honor and a privilege of DTM to invite Olivier Niggli and share his vision.