Special Lectures

Professor Dae Hee Kwak giving lecture with focus on ‘Greater Social Impact Through Strategic Partnership’


[Prof. Dae Hee Kwak speaks during the DTM special lecture Friday on Dec. 15, 2017. ]


On December 15th, 2017, DTM welcomed Prof. Dae Hee Kwak, the professor of University of Michigan for the fourth special lecture in 2017 DTM special lectures series.


Prof. Kwak’s lecture on the “Greater Social Impact Through Strategic Partnership” began with the enthusiastic welcome of the audience. DTM and Global Sport Management students highly anticipated a fruitful lecture regarding sports sponsorship and its social impact. The insights proposed by the professor inspired students throughout the lecture.


The professor opened the lecture by defining sports as a platform for prosocial initiatives. He further elaborated positive social effects of sports and its cases. Sports organizations, such as NBA and NFL, were introduced as sports platforms which have successfully delivered positive social changes.


The lecture boiled down to the analysis of the sports sponsorship and 5 strategies to ensure its success. 5 strategies included: 1) have clear objectives from the outset; 2) be transparent; 3) encourage consumers to act prosocially by sophisticated design and communication strategy; 4) encourage the public to participate; 5) make multiple identities to expand partnership portfolio.


Professor Kwak’s insights and specific examples presented audience a milestone to understand sports sponsorship and its future.