Activities - Maritime Sport Experience

Professional Basketball Game (Seoul SK vs Incheon Electroland)


[Dream Together Master 5th students wearing DTM basketball jerseys.]

Excitement in Jamsil Sports Complex cooled down the winter in Seoul and red united Dream Together Master 5th batch students throw themselves to the excitement.


On December 14, DTM students went on a sports field trip to watch Korean professional basketball match, Seoul SK vs Incheon Electroland with red uniform. The match was back and forth battling and lasted 3 hours including two extension games. The students enjoyed not only the fascinating game itself, but also the infrastructure of the stadium.


Another and majority interesting factor that DTM faced in the stadium was ardent cheerleading culture. The basketball match was being heated on gradually and cheerleading competition between two teams got intense. The excitement had percolated through to students and they enjoyed it enough to receive a gift for powerful cheering.


By having a hand-on experience of fan culture and fan-friendly facilities in Korean professional sports league, students have chances to apply their knowledge from modules to real sports world.