Aldo Tong


Intern, Korea Sports Promotion Foundation
4th Batch Graduate

Q1. Please introduce yourself.

My name is Aldo and I come from the Philippines. Before entering the DTM program, I worked as a college finance instructor with part-time duties as a swimming coach of our school team and, occasionally, the country. I am extremely passionate about sports as my friends in South Korea can attest to. I enjoyed playing basketball, volleyball, swimming and water polo while I was in Seoul. One day, I hope to uplift the state of these sports in my country, which is why I joined the DTM program in the first place.

Q2. Please describe your responsibilities and duties in your current job.

At the Seoul Olympic Museum, apart from supporting general needs of the office, I was tasked to review and proofread the English translation of all write-ups. In the process, I also


[L-R: Team CEBA (basketball) with Alfonso & Yaro, Team Dive (volleyball) with Oscar, Min & Nomi, SNU Swimming Team with Isabel & Firas, and Team BAM (water polo).]


second task assigned to me which is to conduct guided tours in English as a docent. Thus far, I have conducted museum tours to the DTM 5th Batch, Korea Foreign School and George Mason University. This experience has helped me understand and appreciate the Olympic history and the 1988 Seoul Olympics.



[At the Seoul Olympic Museum, Aldo enthusiastically guided DTM 5th batch students throughout the museum and inspired with the spirit of the Olympism.]


In my job as coach of the Ateneo de Manila Swimming Team, I handled most of the administrative work such as looking for sponsors and partners, arranging logistical needs, liaising with the university, recruiting student-athletes, and handling the social media accounts.


I was also able to handle the Philippine team competing in the ASEAN Schools Games where I established a more objective approach toward selecting members of the team as we hoped to improve our performance as a nation in the event.


Finally, I wrote about swimming and water polo news in the sports news website Tiebreaker Times, covering the Southeast Asian Games and the University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) tournaments.

Q3. What do you remember most about your internship?

In my two months working at the Seoul Olympic Museum, I was able to learn about the Olympic history more fully, know the reason why Korea wanted and needed to host the Olympic Games, and understand the legacy of the 1988 Seoul Olympics. Since my internship


coincided with the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, I was also able to appreciate the Olympics more in light of the parallel events happening between the 1988 Seoul Olympics and the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

Q4. How does the Dream Together Master help you with your career goals?

The DTM program provided me with a wide network of individuals to learn from. The top-class international faculty definitely makes the program unique and high quality but also the wide variety of students from across the developing world makes the experience more enriching. Beyond the program, being able to study in Korea is a good learning experience in itself as the country has been very aggressive in hosting international sports events. In my time at Seoul, I was able to watch and participate in the FIBA World Cup Asia Qualifiers, FIVB World League, WTF Taekwondo World Championships, FIFA U-20 World Cup and PyeongChang Winter Olympics. All these experiences with people and events certainly helped me grow as a sports professional. The opportunities that DTM opens its students up to are its ultimate legacy.

Q5. Please give your advice for the current and future Dream Together Master students.

I highly encourage the current and future students of the DTM program to always take advantage of the opportunities that DTM and Korea has to offer. The DTM program has always been generous in providing its students opportunities to learn from valuable resource persons, to witness mega sports events unfold, and to marvel at the world’s best sports technologies and facilities available in the country. Don’t miss out on these opportunities because, after all, you only live once.



[L-R: Winter Sport Experience at Alpensia Resort, Dream Together Seoul Forum with JR, DTM Graduation 2017 with Professor Joon-ho Kang and PyeongChang 2018 Olympics.]