Activities - Field Trips

Professional Volleyball Game (Woori Card Wibee vs KEPCO Vixtorm)


[Group photo with Woori Card Wibee players at Jangchung Arena.]

On January 26th 2018, Dream Together Master 5th batch students took a field trip to Jangchung Arena to watch the Korean professional volleyball league match between Seoul Woori Card Wibee and Suwon KEPCO Victorm. The students got to see the Seoul Woori Card Wibee’s Arena, which houses the all the trophies and other Wibee memorabila, the Press Box, Fan booth, and the Wibee home court. The students also learned how professional sponsorships work and the benefits to the sponsors, arena, team and league.


The students were also granted the privilege of meeting and interacting with the Seoul Woori Card Wibee players and associated staff members in the arena. Part of the day also focused on the fan marketing of a Team Wibee. The students learned how the team interacting with its fans and how it improves team’s marketing.


By participating the events for the fans and analyzing the marketing factors of the teams, students could apply classroom learnings to real-world problems and authentic situations.