Special Lectures

DTM Special Lecture: “Dream together with people with disabilities for better world” featuring Prof. Justin Y. Jeon


[Prof. Justin Y. Jeon, left, and Prof. Joon-ho Kang, Director of Dream Together Mater.]

“Passion. Connected.”
The slogan of the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games exhibits the core value of the Olympic philosophy. The Olympic flame connects the passion of the humanity, regardless of the one’s physical condition. Hoping a success in PyeongChang 2018, Professor Justin Y. Jeon, the member of Department of Sports Promotion and the Korea Paralympic Committee, shared his vision with DTM with the topic of “Dream together with people with disabilities for better world”.


The professor opened the speech by sharing the milestones of his life. The sincere story of the academic background and the career experiences not only impressed the audience but also proved his commitment to the ‘Adapted Physical Activity’. A thorough introduction of the Paralympics history followed by that of Korea presented an overall outlook for the Paralympics. The birth of the Paralympics, its growth, and the contribution to the society proved the significance of promoting sports for people with disabilities.


The lecture extended to the issue of PyeongChang 2018. Casting back to Seoul 1988 and comparing the past with present, DTM had a memorable moment to trace all the development so far. Understanding both the development ‘of’ the Paralympics and the development ‘through’ the Paralympics, the lecture boiled down to the priceless message of the Olympic legacy. The legacies include culture, education, economy, environment, social and more. The professor’s passionate elaboration gave the audience a firm conviction for the meaning of the Olympics.


[A group photo after the special lecture. ]

The Seoul 1988 is considered as the beginning of the modern Paralympic Era. The PyeongChang 2018 will become an epoch-making stage of the Paralympic history. DTM is in the historic moment of the Olympism, succeeding legacy of Seoul 1988 to PyeongChang 2018. DTM appreciates Professor Jeon for his valuable speech and time.