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SNU celebrates DTM class of 2018 at commencement ceremony


[Class of 2018 celebrates during the commencement ceremony on December 19th.]

The commencement ceremony for the Dream Together Master class of 2018 was successfully held on Tuesday, Dec. 2017 in the presence of professors, friends, family, 5th batch students, and faculty members. The ceremony is held annually to honor students who have completed the curriculum.


This year, the Dream Together Master held its largest commencement ceremony ever, with 28 DTM 4th batch graduates from all over the world. They earned master’s degrees in sport management at Seoul National University after completing the modular curriculum provided by the Dream Together Master.


Mr. Khalid Al-Riyami, a Sports Activity Specialist, Ministry of Education in Oman, Mr. Umair Asif, a Former Executive Director, Kafka Welfare Organization in Pakistan, Mr. Eduardo Butter, a Former Strategic Communicator, Rio 2016 Organizing Committee, and Mr. Derrick Charway, a Sports Organizer, University of Ghana, were honored as the 2017 Best Thesis Award. Moving and passionate valedictory speeches were delivered by the valedictorians of the Class of 2018, Mr. Firas Al-hmood from Jordan and Ms. Deandra Farnita from Indonesia.


“All graduates’ overall experiences and educational knowledges at Dream Together Master will be crucial to success. The commencement will serve as an important starting point for everyone who will become future global sports leaders,” said Prof. Joon-ho Kang, Director of Dream Together Master.