Special Lectures

Hockey hero Jim Paek to deliver lecture on leadership


[Jim Paek, Director of Korea Men’s National Ice Hockey Team, speaking to DTM students about the leadership at the Seoul National University on September 20, 2017.]

“Hockey Together” with “Dream Together Master”.
The topic sounded familiar. The word shared in both programs, ‘together’, presented a sense of close identity. Not only that, the Hockey Together program had a special bond with DTM. The 1st batch alumni Chee Ee Laine had participated the Hockey Together program. She was the camp manager and consulted the hockey association on international and technical issues. “I came up with the camp structure, recruited instructors, contacted the participating countries and assisted the camp director in operations during the camp,” she said.


Mr. Paek’s lecture became the second ‘bond’ between the two programs. He provided a memorable opportunity to share the importance of leadership, teamwork, and the government support in order to expand awareness of the sports, especially ice hockey. It was reasonable enough for the audience to be immersed in the past stories of Mr. Paek.
“Titles come from above, leaders will be determined from below.”


Mr Paek’s belief on leadership is elaborated as above. He believes a true leadership borns from a sincere attitude and it makes difference. Emphasizing on the leadership, Mr. Paek continued his lecture with the phrase, ‘Dream Big’.
“Have a dream, have a vision, have a plan. I dreamt of being a part of the Korean National Team. I dreamt about being a professional coach. I dreamt of having a loving family. You have to dream in order for things to happen. Also, when you dream, dream big. If people think you are crazy you are on the right track.”



[Mr. Jim Paek’s story inspired the Dream Together Master students.]

Teamwork is the second virtue. Mr. Paek focused on the team’s success rather than that of the individual. Every player execute his role for the overall goal of the team. By the leadership of putting players in situations where they will succeed, teamwork develops and the group thrives.


Mr. Paek dreams big. He dreams of the bright future of the ice hockey. He has his plan and great attitude to achieve. DTM dreams big. We believe of the bright future of the sports we make. We have our plan and great passion to achieve. It was a priceless moment to build another close bond with ‘Hockey Together’. DTM once again appreciates the time and the speech shared by Mr. Paek.