Special Lectures

Challenging spirit and passion are all about entrepreneurship, says Mr. Yoon Soo Yoon, Chairman & CEO, FILA Global


[Mr. Yoon Soo Yoon, Chairman & CEO, FILA Global, at Seoul National University on October 13, 2017.]

In today’s fast-paced world, entrepreneurship has never been more important not only for success, but also because it is the driving force that unfolds the great potential of every human being. As a part of Dream Together Master special lecture series, Mr. Yoon Soo Yoon gave a special lecture titled “Entrepreneurship”.


“Don’t be afraid of failures or stay complacent – rather, I would like to advise you to take as many risks and gain as much experience as you can,” he said. “When more and more young adults take risks with entrepreneurship, we will hear more and more success stories and begin to see the virtuous cycle of wealth.”


Mr. Yoon gave a lecture discussing the important elements of entrepreneurship. He has been successfully operating two global sporting goods company, FILA Global and Acushnet Holdings Corp. He is considered to be one of the most important entrepreneurs, and his successful story continues to inspire people around the world.


[More than 100 Seoul National University students attended the lecture, and all participants were given FILA merchandise.]

Failure, experience, and risk taking are the most important elements to gain success, Yoon said. He shared his failure story and experiences and emphasized that hardship and failure are just some events that you can learn critical talents needed in doing business from, not a destination for despair and failure.


Also, he said that people’s innovative and creative strategies can only come from their own experiences not from the books. Lastly, he encouraged the students to take risks and challenge new things for success.


“If you have an innovative and creative idea but lack of the guts to take the risks, you cannot change your current situation,” he said, “Keep on challenging by taking risks.”