Derrick Charway


Intern, Korea Handball Federation
4th Batch Graduate

Q1. Please introduce yourself

My name is Derrick Okpoti Charway and I am a native of Ghana, located in the western part of Africa. I just graduated with MA. Global Sport Management from the Dream Together Master (DTM) at the Seoul National University. Following my successful graduation from the DTM Program, I was given a two month internship opportunity at the Korean Handball Federation (KHF).


Specifically, I was placed in the Cooperation and International Department of KHF. Surrounded by a conductive working environment and supportive staff members, I also served as a member of the Local Organizing Committee for the just ended 2018 Asian Men’s Handball Championship hosted by Korea at the Suwon City from 18th to 30th January, 2018.

Q2. Please describe your responsibilities and duties in your current job.

My responsibilities at KHF are mainly administrative assistance duties but for the timely 2018 Asian Men’s Handball Championship hosted by Korea, my responsibilities doubled as follows:


i. Data Entry of participating countries for the 2018 Asian Men’s Handball Championship.


ii. Carefully monitor and crosscheck details of participating countries such as correct spelling of names of athletes and officials.


iii. Sanctioned by the Head of the Cooperation and International Department, I correspond with participation countries regarding outstanding details such as invoice payments and missing names among others.


iv. During the Championship, I receive queries (mainly in English) from participating countries and provide solutions if need be, otherwise, I report issues beyond my jurisdiction to the Head of the Cooperation and International Department.


v. Any other duty assigned to me by the Head of the Cooperation and International Department.



[Derrick with President and Staff of the Korean Handball Federation.]

Q3. What do you remember most about your internship?

I really admire the KHF’s organizational culture of hard work, work ethics and community. I will really miss the part where everyone in the office collectively go out for lunch, sit together and interact. This is something new for me.


Also, I have fond memories of the 2018 Asian Men’s Handball Championship held in Suwon, Korea because it is the first major international sport championship that I participated as Local Organizing Committee member.



[Derrick at work, the Korean Handball Federation.]

Q4. How does the Dream Together Master help you with your career goals?

The DTM program is very unique and has placed me in a particular height of my career where I can achieve my goal of becoming an astute Professor of Sport Policy and Development or becoming a revered Sport Administrator.

Looking back, I have noticed a massive change in the way I reason, speak, tackle issues and relate to everyone around me. My perception and knowledge about sport have also been boosted.

Q5. Please give your advice for the current and future Dream Together Master students.

I will say that, “they should make hay while the sun shines”. They should study very hard and also respect each other. They should always yearn to do better than their previous best. Finally, they should cease the opportunity of utilizing strength in collectivity, friendship and diversity.