Enkhtsatsral Ulzii-Orshikh


NOC Assistant Volunteer for the Team Mongolia
4th Batch Graduate

Q1. Please introduce yourself

My name is Enkhtsatsral Ulzii-Orshikh from Mongolia. I recently graduated 4th batch of Dream Together Master of Seoul National University. I graduated from Multimedia University of Malaysia in 2011 with Bachelor degree in Business Administration. After my graduation, I’ve started working in a special grant project of Asian Development Bank and Ministry of Social Welfare and Labor of Mongolia. In 2013, I have decided to pursue my career in Sports industry and started working as a General Manager in Mongolian Cycling Development and Research Center. I had applied to be a volunteer in PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games when the application was opened, and thankfully I was selected to be a volunteer as National Olympic Committee (NOC) assistant. I was assigned to Mongolian NOC.

Q2. Please describe your responsibilities and roles in your current job.

NOC assistant’s mission is to create positive and supportive Games’ environment and support the all participating athletes and team officials to perform at their best. As a NOC assistant, my role and responsibilities include providing administrative and language support, driving the dedicated cars, help the delegations and athletes with arrival and departure, village arrival inspection and inventory, setting up the NOC office, team welcoming ceremonies, opening and closing ceremonies. Also, perform other duties that are requested by the NOCs.


[Enkhtsatsral Ulzii-Orshikh at Gangneung Ice Arena.]

Q3. What do you remember most about your job?

Now that the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Game is finished, everything has become a memory. A memory that is so special and unique. More importantly, that no one can take memory away from me. There are numerous things that I remember about my job. However, the one thing I can remember for confidently is being proud. I was proud that I was volunteering and contributing to make the Games.

Q4. What part of your job was the most challenging?

During the Games it felt like there are challenging things. However, now that I finished, it fells those were not challenges. The challenges were things that are not just related to the tasks but also about the organizational things. But we have Assistant Programme managers who deal with the issues, so it could be manageable for us and the NOCs. In my observation, there are 3 busy phases during the Olympic Games which are settling in, competitions, and departure. Maybe it can be felt like this if you are working with smaller delegation. It may not be the same story with the bigger delegations. These 3 phases can get challenging if you handle wrong. Our daily working hour is 9 hours. However, due to busy schedule, we work more than 10 hours. Working for long hours repeatedly for long time and with the accommodation that is an hour away from the Athletes’ Village gets us tired easily. That was one of the challenges. However, language was one of my biggest challenges. Even though many staffs and volunteers speak English, there were a lot that doesn’t speak English. I kept thinking I would have been much easier if I knew Korean language.



[Enkhtsatsral Ulzii-Orshikh poses for a photo at the NOC Service center.]

Q5. How does the Dream Together Master help you with your job?

With my knowledge from the Dream Together Master, I was familiar with the organizations, sports, and policies and procedures. I could see the difference between me and other volunteer who does not have a sports background in handling the tasks. Specially, it showed during the competitions. Also, even though my Korean skill is very low, the things that I learned during language class helped me a lot. It helped me to at least get the gist what the speaker is talking about and express myself as well. Of course, it was not perfect communication but it really helped a lot.