Alumni News - Interview

Alvarado, Juan


Technical Director – Autonomous Sport Confederation of Guatemala

DTM 3rd Batch Graduate

Q1. Please introduce yourself.

My name is Juan Pablo Alvarado from Guatemala. I´m 28 years old and attended the DTM program in 2015 as a part of the great 3rd Batch. Before attending DTM in Korea, I earned a Bachelor´s degree in Physical Education and Sports at the International School of Physical Education and Sport in Cuba.

Q2. Please describe your responsibilities and duties in your current job.

Currently, I´m working for the Guatemalan Olympic Committee and the Autonomous Sport Confederation of Guatemala as a Technical Director and part of the Organizing Committee of the “International Sport Festival Guatemala, 2017.”


Among my responsibilities and duties, I have the hefty task of coordinating every detail that goes into preparing and operating the sport event. It is my duty to guarantee with various teams that every aspect of the sporting event is under control.


For example, I am in charge of preparing the lodging for the delegations, coordinating the transportation, distributing news to the media, creating emergency contingency plans, maintaining the security of spectators and players, inspecting the facility, delegating preparation tasks to other functional area, managing credentials of all participants, etc.


I´m also working as a university professor at master´s level in topics related with Sport Management. I like this job a lot because it gives me a chance to share the knowledge and experiences I gained in Korea and modify perceptions and attitudes toward sport administrators in my country. I am the first who obtained the Master’s degree in sport management in Guatemala.


[While introducing Dream Together Master in Guatemala.]

Q3. What was the most rewarding moment of your career?

It is difficult to select a single moment, but every time I feel very proud of myself when my friends, students or colleagues tell me that I helped them to reach their goals or fly higher.


As a man who started from the bottom level of my organization, every time I look back I feel so proud of the perseverance and the decisions I took, but more than escalating my positions, what I enjoy the most is leaving a positive mark everywhere I pass.

Q4. How does the Dream Together Master help you with your career goals?

Let me first express my gratitude to the Dream Together Master for hosting such a phenomenal program since its inception in 2013. I think it is a great opportunity for sport administrators from developing countries to receive a world-class education in sport management. The program is contributing to the global sport community and building Korean leadership in international sports.


This program has given me a life-changing experience to me. I have learned the true values of sport and how it can be utilized to make this world a better place, thanks to the program and all their sponsors for training the army of high caliber sport managers who will fight for the good side of sport.


Due to the platform that DTM provided me, I gained a lot of knowledge and a big and strong international network to fulfill my role as a sport leader. In other words, I have grown personally and professionally.


As a man who came from a humble background, I want to express my deepest gratitude to the ones who had the vision to run this program, the ones who on a daily basis implement it and to all the professors and diverse selected classmates that made this a phenomenal experience.


[At the commencement of class of 2017.]

Q5. What has been your favorite experience at Dream Together Master?

To be surrounded by people from all over the world. “Diversity” is one of the words that best defines DTM and Seoul National University. Diversity enables us to see the world from different perspectives and wider vision.


In terms of curriculum I liked the combination of curricular and extracurricular activities that DTM offered because it helped the students to integrate theoretical and practical knowledge.


One of the experiences I enjoyed the most in Korea was the friends I met along the way. I was impressed with the hospitality of Koreans and the fast development of the country. I strongly admire the culture of Korea, their discipline and their respect for elders.

Q6. Please give your advice for the current and future DTM

Always be grateful to Korea because DTM changes our lives for good. We are not the same people we used to be before arriving in Korea. We have grown in different areas and may physically leave Korea, but mentally Korea will never leave us. Personally, I found in this program an opportunity that I will hardly have in my country.


Another advice for the current and future DTM students is to keep in mind that to be accepted or enrolled in the DTM program is just the beginning of the journey. It is very important to come back to your home countries (or wherever you find an opportunity) and try to do meaningful contributions for your society by being a great leader and a role model.


As its name “Dream Together” indicates, all start with a dream, but it is not enough merely to dream; it is also required to work hard and overcome the challenges; and “Together,” in order to go further.


And last but not least, I strongly suggest the current DTM students to perform their best in class, to enjoy the cultural experience that Korea and SNU offer them and to make as many friends as possible.


[With my dearest Dream Together Master students.]