Ngan Nguyen


DTM 4th Batch Student

Q1. About yourself.

My name is Nguyen Phuong Ngan from Vietnam. I am the third Vietnamese student of Dream Together Master. I gained my first Bachelor’s degree in law at Guilin University of Electric Technology in China, then finished my second bachelor of Marketing in Melbourne. Before attending to fourth batch of DTM, I was working as a legal counsel of Vietnam Sport Administration.


In this position, I was responsible of drafting and solidifying rules, regulations and legal documents in sport field. My task was directly involved in specific internal governance policies and monitoring compliance of Vietnam Sport Administration regularly. I contributed in many projects and program of government to develop sport and educate the consciousness of young athletes about the Sports Law. On other hand, as I am fluent in French-Chinese-English, I was also in charge of translating and a diplomatic officer.

Q2. What class was the most helpful to you, and why?

The most impressive class for me was “Olympic System and International Sport” by Professor Jean-Loup Chappelet from University of Lausanne. As more than 40 years involved in Olympic system, Prof. Chappelet was the best teacher I’ve had so far. The lecture and knowledge that he showed in all his courses were really valuable. Prof. Chappelet is an excellent teacher and speaker. He gave an attractive lecture with high quality sources about global nature of Olympic Committee, as well as made my eyes opened to many problems that I was not even aware of.


His module consisted of five main practical units: The old and new actors of world sport, the governance of Sport Organization, Assessing and measuring of sports governance, The IOC roadmap for the next ten years and the role of sport event in promoting sport. We read and discussed in class about many open mind questions by professor, such as the changing of sport nowadays both in the bright sides and dark sides. This was the most memorable to me because of my job is related directly in the education to fight the dark side of sport. The sport industry in my country is still looking for an effective way to preserve the bright side of sport and raise the social responsibility by sport organizations but it is definitely difficult.


In the practical lecture about promoting SAFE, sustainable and ethical sport, professor always picked what we were doing that day, so he’d introduced concept coming up with examples, then taught the lesson from this experiences. I learned a lot from this lectures.


[Photo with Prof. Jean-Loup Chappelet from University of Lausanne.]

Q3. What has been your favorite experience at Dream Together Master?

My favorite experience at Dream Together Master is the Sport Field Trip to NC soft, e-Sport Company on April 21st, 2017.


In Vietnam, people always mix the concept of “gaming”, “gambling”, “e-sport” together and look at them as bad image. That is the reason why e-sports could not be considered as a real sport. The definition of sport should be expressed by physical activities, not “mind-based”. In addition, they also make the argument that “gamers should not earn this much money”.


But this Sport Field Trip to NC soft showed what e-sports could be and attribute to Sport industry and society. Like professional athletes in physical sport, e-sport athletes should spend a lot of time for training and developing new skills that would help them compete in their matches.


The rapid development of e-sports nowadays has taken many major brands by surprise. The e-sports audience and fan base has rapidly grown, and we could notice these numbers in almost public channels. E-sports actually generate more revenue than real actual sports. Looking at how NC soft used their income from e-sport to contribute for society and develop sport in Korea, we should recognize that this massive business gives an opportunity in the deeper integration with the community and connection with new audiences.

Q4. What does it mean to you to be part of the Dream Together Master?

I was thrilled that I was selected for this honor and I was deeply appreciative of Dream Together Master.


From the beginning, I knew how challenging it was just to attend an international master program at SNU, ranked as 35th best university in the world. I really appreciate the opportunity that DTM gave to many people from developing countries.


It takes huge effort to organize this high level program. This is only program that we can learn from such renowned professors from all over the world in one year. DTM gives me an expectation to see what change could be made in the future by connecting with even small units like us.


I cannot imagine any possible way to truly express how much I enjoyed working with my classmates on all of these projects and how proud I am to have been a part in such a wonderful family. It warms my heart to know that what we have done over the past 11 months would continue to spread all over the world. I have received the greatest benefit that I can imagine from my studies. It was really cool to step out of the barrier between countries and become a family. It will always be one of the most valuable treasures in my life.


[Participating in the 7th Global Taekwondo Leaders Forum Seoul 2017.]

Q5. What is your plan after you receive your Master’s degree from Seoul National University?

As for the benefit I am receiving from the DTM program, I am going to continue my work as legal counsel in Vietnam Sport Administration after graduation and challenge myself in Anti-Doping sector. For now, all I can do is to keep learning and practicing.


The work in legal department, especially Anti-doping is very difficult and requires a tremendous amount of patience and hard work. I hope that I will be able to meet these challenges with the knowledge I learned.


During my works in past few years, I worked on drafting and solidifying rules, regulations, legal documents and sport projects. The experience from working on these tasks has given me insight into Sports Law that far exceeds what I could have learned at university. In addition, during the DTM program, I also developed my patience and diligence, and gained valuable experience in teamwork with my classmates. This opportunity will be a great advantage for my future Ph.D studies. It is always important to learn, with the speed of development of sport nowadays, you have to constantly study in order to be at the forefront of your field. It is important to be aware of the latest research in the field and apply this knowledge to the work.


As for now, I am only focusing my attention on finishing my thesis. Also, after graduation, I would like to travel overseas. I want to see countries like Japan, Finland and travel through the African continent. I would like to learn the way they working and develop their countries.


I am personally interested in becoming a researcher; however, there are many different opportunities in my organization. You can work in International Relationship Department, Federations, Olympic Committees, Vietnam Ani-Doping and Sport Medicine Agency Department.


[At the Dream Together Master Office.]

Q6. How does the Dream Together Master help you with your future career goals?

I’m really glad that I applied to the DTM, as it has given me renewed enthusiasm towards more study and life, and realizing that whatever I think is only like a drop in the ocean of knowledge. My expectation is to, in the future, contribute my ability for the development of sport in Vietnam, and can engage wholeheartedly in the practices that will benefit others.


I am constantly amazed when my mind grows up each day. Studying, sharing, inspiring with classmates from different background are planting seeds and reaching out the way to attaining the goals and the true meaning of purpose in my life. The feedback and advice of professors always meet exactly each student’s needs for the future career goals. After each module finished, I was surprised how much I learned and opened my mind!


Thank you so much to DTM for organizing this program and all the wonderful experiences through Sport trips. Moreover, it brings such expectations to know there are so many people working together to spread the importance of sport and develop the sport industry.