Activities - Field Trips


On April 21st, Dream Together Master 4th batch students attended the field trip to NCsoft which is the publisher and developer of online games in Korea. This company is also well known for NC Dinos which was established in 2011 as a Korea’s 9th baseball team in the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO). During the tour, the students visited the head office of world’s premier e-sports company and the culture/sports facilities, including an auditorium, gym, medical center, food court, and convention hall. Through this experience, the students had the opportunity to learn about NCsoft’s core values, marketing, and sponsorship strategies that the company has implemented to attract its customers and visitors.


[Dream Together Master students at NC soft.]

The students also had the opportunity to meet and listen to Tae-Il Lee, CEO of NC Dinos Baseball Club. Mr. Lee started his speech by explaining about how NC Dinos applied NCsoft’s core values to operate the team successfully and to attract fans and visitors to the games and the baseball park. Mr. Lee mentioned that NC Dinos’ mission is also same as NCsoft’s which is to make people in this world happier and their lives more enjoyable. He said NC Dinos want to make people in this world happier and enjoyable through Dinos baseball. The students could learn about the team’s management operations, facility administration, and sports sponsorship strategies from Mr. Lee’s short but impressive speech.


[Dream Together Master students are posing for a picture.]