Activities - Maritime Sprot Experience

Goseong Yacht School

Al-Hmood, Firas


DTM 4th Batch Student

Water is life's mater and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water. ~Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

365 days ago we arrived at Seoul, the soul of Asia, and now it is almost time to leave. How did it all go so fast? It seems like only yesterday that we were jetlagged while roaming through the streets of this concrete jungle and the hilly campus of SNU. A finish line has been crossed and a new chapter has started, but in between we had the chance to celebrate our efforts by driving five hours all the way to Goseong, where water was our world for three lovely but rainy days.


[Dream Together Master students are enjoying the water sports.]

On our first day, we have arrived to a very quiet yet soothing place where it was simply relaxing. Once we have arrived, we went through the same procedures of group check in, and everyone was deployed to their cabin, some snacks were provided, and we were instructed to be ready for our first day of activities.


Our vacation started with windsurfing and kayaking. For most of us, these were sports which we have never tried or maybe heard of before. Hence, it was amazing. Personally speaking, I thought that windsurfing is something considered challenging. But the local coaches we had have simplified the process and made it look like a yummy piece of cake. I believe that this school is the top in the Republic of South Korea.


[Group photo at Goseong Yacht School.]

The moment I was on water surface, my pole took its “T” shape and my front arm crossed over to the back side of that machine, a soft breeze went over the calm water of that bay and I started moving. That’s when the adrenaline junkie side of me woke up and started to search a spot where the wind will make me fly. However, it was a calm day, yet joyful! After that, I gave my windsurfing gear to one of my friends and I jumped into the water to start flipping kayaks and watching my friends falling into water and share a good laugh together. And that was the wrap up of our day.


Day two, it’s when we had an early rise for a breakfast and a walking tour to see the dinosaur park. Hyunsuk and Bryce, who are DTM staff, had to wake me and Martin up. We were having a cozy good sleep after a long day in water. After that, we went back to the designated area of activities where we had a lecture about safety protocols in open water, supervised by Tong Yeong police department. It was interesting to see that safety always comes first. And when I look around, I can see similar protocols are taken everywhere in Korea. Sometimes I underestimate it, but after my journey with DTM, I reached a point where I can see the big picture of such protocols, visualize what comes next, analyze how it should be done and implement it in my future.


[Firas is posing for a picture while he was driving a motor boat.]

Being a captain of a mini speed boat was my ultimate experience! And that’s when I took the wheel to sail all the way to the other island where nature took different shapes in rocks, some were horizontal, some were vertical and other were organized in certain patterns. My friends had to work out a bit and kayak all the way to the next island where they started jumping of the mini yacht and challenge their fears- for some of course! What was special about this is the scenery in the horizon, it was amazing to visualize how huge ship fleets where battling hundreds of years ago! It’s a beautiful storyline to imagine. Finally in that day, we went back home to share a good meal of Korean BBQ, and realize the fact that there is nothing left for delivering our thesis. Thank you DTM for this amazing opportunity.