Ulzii-Orshikh, Enkhtsatsral


DTM 4th Batch Student

Q1. Please introduce yourself.

My name is Enkhtsatsral Ulzii-Orshikh from Mongolia. I am a 4th batch student of DTM and second Mongolian student of DTM since the start of the program. I graduated from Multimedia University of Malaysia in 2011 with Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. After my graduation, I’ve started working in a special grant project of Asian Development Bank and Ministry of Social Welfare and Labor of Mongolia as a monitoring and evaluation officer where we conducted nationwide household livelihood research and provided food stamp service based on the result. I also worked in TV channel as an editor and translator as a part time. Then my position in the project changed to capacity building consultant as we progressed the project into government service. As for my connection to sport, I was born into athletes’ family. Both my parents are athletes and I used to play tennis for few years. Unfortunately, I had to leave sport to concentrate on my studies. However, I always involved in sport activities through my parents. Since sport has always been in my life and part of my life, I decided to change my field and started working as a general manager in Mongolian Cycling Development and Research Center where I’ve had the chance to closely work with athletes.

Q2. What class was the most helpful to you, and why?

It is difficult to specify which class was most helpful because all classes have their own agenda and purpose. We learned different things from each module but we also learned the important connections between them. Of course, there are modules that attracted my attention more than the others because these modules had more intimate relationship with the objective that I’m trying to achieve as a sports administrator. The sport event management and sport organization and governance theme modules were the most favorable ones for me. Because I feel these are the things that we need most in my country’s sport industry right now. Our sport industry has been improving a lot these recent years but we still need better governance and human resource management and we have a lot to learn about how to organize successful yet sustainable sport events, especially mega sports events. Because we don’t have much experience in organizing mega sports events, but we are interested to organize one in the near future.


[During Welcome Dinner 2016.]

Q3. What has been your favorite experience at Dream Together Master?

It is a privilege to have these modules taught by the world class experts, the best in the industry. This was the most favorite experience of mine. For example, the professors and scholars who invented the industry specific terms, model, and methods are teaching us. It is a rare opportunity for anyone in any industry. Secondly, meeting all these amazing people from all around the world with different backgrounds is also a great networking opportunity.

Q4. What does it mean to you to be part of the Dream Together Master?

To answer this question, I have to dig way back to the beginning. Growing up, I’ve been involved in sports activities and competitions a lot. I started to see the situation could be much better. At the time, I was very young and I saw only the small picture such as the flaws in a sport federation. As I grew up I saw some struggles in others too. I always wanted to do something about it. I have gained a lot of experience in sport management field through the scopes of works I do, however I always felt the need and urge to learn it in professional level. Thus, I have been searching for opportunities to get myself educated in this field and then I found out about the DTM program. I didn’t believe such program existed and it was an opportunity of lifetime which I could not afford to lose. The education that I got from Dream Together Master program literally defines my future as a sport administrator. Therefore, being part of this program is the best thing that happened to me as a sport administrator for now.


[Participated in 2014 Tour of Almaty Kazakstan as a Team Manager of Mongolian Cycling Team.]

Q5. What is your plan after you receive your Master’s degree from Seoul National University?

I have been chosen to work as a National Olympic Committee/National Paralympic Committee Assistant in the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games right after my graduation. After that, I’m planning to go back to Mongolia and apply for a job in the three sport authority organizations of Mongolia. All three of them are great places to start my career as a sport administrator and gain experience. I have huge confidence that these three organization will be happy to employ and include me in their team.

Q6. How does the Dream Together Master help you with your future career goals?

Dream Together Master program is already helping me a lot with my future career. I have all these amazing professors to ask advice and classmates who I can relate my issues with. With the program’s international reputation, I have a good advantage to progress my career and get recognized in the industry.