Special Lectures

Prof. Christoph Breuer

Vice-President of Resources & Quality Management, German Sport University Cologne

Topic: “Value creation in sport business: New insights based on platform theory, economics of attention and experimental economics”

Sports market and industry has been growing rapidly as conglomerates keep investing sports field. Accordingly, various methodologies in economics have come to sport field and are applied in many ways. As a result, sports marketing strategy has been highly developed and researches were done by experts in related areas.


One of the leading scholars in the field, Dr. Christoph Breuer, a well-known scholar for his research on sports marketing and sponsorship, gave a special lecture on “Value Creation in Sport Business: New Insights Based on Platform Theory, Economics of Attention and Experimental Economics” to Dream Together Master students on January 18th 2017. The lecturer is a professor at German Sport University Cologne and Vice-President of Resources & Quality Management in German Sport University Cologne and is famous for his applied researches conducted with international sports organizations and companies such as FIFA, UEFA, Adidas, Reebok, etc.


[Prof. Christoph Breuer is explaining about sponsorship.]

The professor shared interesting findings of his researches with the Dream Together Master students. “The consumption of sponsoring tools is overrated,” he argued, “Sponsoring message is visible about 30 seconds on the backboard, but in reality the duration of focusing is on average only 0.6 second. Also, average glance duration to a sponsorship board in soccer fields is 0.4 sec, but average glance duration to sponsorship logo on players’ shirts is 1.2 sec during the same time of visibility.”


Based on these findings, he stressed that different types of sponsoring draw a different amount of attraction. He also mentioned that attention, memory, colors, animations, co-branding and emotions act as key factors in effective sponsorship. Overall, Dream Together Master students could learn how to optimize sponsorship platform with these findings and knowledge and learned new ideas that would help improve the world with sport.


[After an interactive Q&A session, students and Prof. Christoph Breuer had a group photo.]