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Secretary to Women & Sport Commission Chairwoman at National Olympic Committee of Indonesia

Tara is the 3rd bath student of Dream Together Master Program. she served as a secretary to Women & Sport Commission Chairwoman at National Olympic Committee of Indonesia before joining DTM program. Her research interest focuses on “Factors Motivate Youth in Sport Participation: Examining the Emergence of lifestyle Sport in Indonesia”

About Myself

I want to confess something here; years ago Korea, was not in my top 5 bucket list of countries-I-have-to-visit-before-I-die thing, but universe kindly brought me here, eventually, and now I love every bit of this city.

The vibrant of this city is thrilling; the combination between modern skyline, hills, river and historical sites makes every corner of this city is worth to visit.

Compare to Indonesia where the citizen moves in medium tempo, in Korea everything seemed rushed, we could see how Koreans rushed to get into the subway or rushed to finish their meal in the restaurant.

Another thing I observed about the difference between here and Indonesia is the collectivism culture. In Indonesia, we love to talk or chat collectively in the bus or train, but in here, I noticed there’s an unwritten rule that you could not make noise in the bus or subway. In the subway mostly they’re on gadgets playing games or watching TV series.

Overall I love living my life here. I’ve never being far from home for a long time. For a first timer like me, the transportation system, the safety and the food in particular, makes my life easier and happier.

Life in Korea

The Dream Together Masters Program provides a unique and admirable motive to bring developed and developing countries together in order to raise developing countries to a certain standard higher than their current position. Students can take this vision and apply it to make advancements within their own communities.

The program can help students recognize and understand how to help the sports market continue to grow and expand by providing aid and education to developing countries. Students learn the benefits of providing education and internal, structural improvement to countries rather than simply providing monetary assistance without guidance.

Students have many opportunities to interact with several international professors and experts as well as work with students from other countries on the same global issues while gaining new perspectives.

Academic Life in DTM

For me, I found this DTM program very interesting, first is because of the prominent scholars in the field such as marketing, media, law, governance and so on. Instead of going to US or Europe to get a lecture from those experts, we just have to be in here, and they will come, so it’s like a one-stop-service education. Related to that, the curriculum is very comprehensive. After almost 1 year joining DTM program, I gained insightful knowledge on the fields I’ve never studied before like finance, economic, law or even philosophy.

The memorable class for me was the Sports Journalism class by Alan Abrahamson. Why? Since that class, I have improved my writing skill; I learned how to get the reader’s attention by the choices of words and how you imagine telling a story through your articles.

A bonus, in that class I was introduced to Snapchat, a major hit social media and I still use it until now to tell a story of my day-to-day life as DTM student.


[At the class of Sport Development by Prof. GIULIANOTTI, Tara and her group members are answering to the questions from their classmates after the group presentation where she belongs to]

My Style of Studying

Actually, I am a kind of person who is easily distracted when studying; it’s either by looking at messages in the phone or tempted to open YouTube in the middle of writing paper. Probably it’s because I’m a multi-task type of person.

However, I found a solution to this; now I always put silent on my phone every time I’m on my assignment or studying for exam, and reward myself, if I finish early I could browse the internet afterwards.

Furthermore, my effective way of studying is making notes; for example the instructors always provide lecture or reading materials, then I made a summary in my notebook using my own understanding.

Also, I always read in advance the lecture or reading materials at least one or two days before the actual class started so I will have a better picture when the instructors explained.

Last studying tips, I always consider myself lucky, surrounding by such inspiring and smart friends. Studying with them helps me a lot too, so you can share and discuss your thoughts, moreover you can have meaningful friendship; helping each other, supporting each other.

As for my thesis, I chose youth and sport as my main theme. I had years of experience working in NOC and simultaneously being a researcher on finding youth issues, values and beliefs and Indonesia. Therefore I want to align my interest with the thesis I’m working on.

Specifically my thesis title is “Factors Motivate Youth in Sport Participation: Examining the Emergence of Lifestyle Sport in Indonesia”

I found this topic very interesting because it’s never been researched in Indonesia. Moreover, the emergence of lifestyle sport caused a sharp decline on the youth participation to the conventional mainstream sport.

Hopefully my findings will contribute to examine the phenomenon of this current trend.


[Tara is reading a Korean language book in the corridor of SNU dormitory]

Future Hope

Luckily, I wrote this article just after I finished my presentation of 10-year career plan in Sport & Human Development module, so I pretty much know what I want to do in the near future (short-term) and for the future future (long-term).

My short term plan after graduation is firstly, travelling. Back to my bucket list, I want to visit London and Tokyo by early next year. By the way my bucket list is now added with countries-of-my-DTM-classmates-I-have-to-visit-before-I-die.

Then I will go back to work for the Asian Games 2018 preparation, which Jakarta will be the host city.

For my long term plan, I would love to become the minister of youth and sport in 2026. 10 years from now, I will be 40 and they say “Life’s begin at 40” so it will be the best time to make my dream job reality.

As I mentioned before, I’m captivated by youth and sport domain, I passionate to develop these areas in Indonesia.

It is my dream to bridge the gap and be the agent of change for the youth development in Indonesia. I will put into play my knowledge I got from DTM course combined with my experience to make my dream reality.


[Tara is addressing a congratulatory speech on behalf of 3rd bath students at the Dream Together Master program Welcome Dinner to welcoming the 4th bach students.]