Alumni News


Dosal Rodrigo and Mejia Maria Paula Ciro, the first batch Alumni couple married on 7 May at Bogota, Colombia

Dosal Rodrigo, is currently Chief of the Quality of Sport Department, Mexico Autonoma National University. He wrote on thesis about 『Measurement of the Social Impact of Sport in a Mexican Context』 in Dream Together Master Program at SNU.

Mejia Maria Paula Ciro is working as a coordinator of the Coexistance and Peace Program, Coldeportes National Depoartment of Sport Recreation and Leisure Time Enhancement, Colombia. She wrote on thesis about 『Public and Private Cooperation in Sport for Development and Peace: The Colombian Sport For Development and Peace Context』

Below is a message from Rodrigo and Maria on the occasion of the wedding.

Worlds apart and driven by our passion to help others through human development, education, culture and sport, Rodrigo from Mexico and Maria from Colombia, both applied for the scholarship opportunity offered by Dream Together Master Program. Both of us were very exited about the opportunity to deepen our studies in sport in such an interesting country, that not only offered a study opportunity in a very good university, but also provided us with a very select group of professors and a multicultural group of students. We met as part of the 2013 batch, and became friends, our mother tongue was a point in common and also was our research and professional interests. by being group partners throughout most of the Master, sharing our love to exercise, sport, development, gender equity, good food and a good cup of coffee, we realised we were not only great team mates professional-wise, but we could also start a family, we fell in loved, got married and nowadays we work together to build the values of a good family, while we work in our own professional project where we advice, consult, design, evaluate and follow performance on public and private programs and strategies related to Sport and Peace, Sport for development, youth development through sport, gender equity.


[Rodrigo and Maria are giving big smiles each other]


[Rodrigo and Maria are dancing joyfully at the wedding.]


[Rodrigo is putting a ring on Maria’s finger]