Interview - Student


KANKAM, Dominic

Republic of Ghana

Officer at the National Sports Authority of Ghana

Dominic is the 3rd bath student of Dream Together Master Program. He served as a sports development officer at the National Sports Authority of Ghana before joining DTM program. His research interest focuses on sports sponsorship.

Q1. Please introduce yourself and your country.

Name: My name is Dominic Kankam, and I am from Ghana, West Africa.

Your family: I am from a family of 7: my parents, one brother, three sisters and myself

What do you do in your country? : I work as the administrative manager of the Ghana Olympic Committee.

Why did you choose the DTM course? :

I love sports management and it has been my dream to be involved in global sports to advance my career into the international arena. In order to achieve that it is imperative to have the prerequisite knowledge in global sports matters; and that is exactly what DTM provides. When I read about the program online over a year ago, I realized it was what I needed to get to where I want to be in my career. Here, the DTM program provides me with the unique opportunity to have direct access to experienced and renowned lecturers from diverse areas of sports management as well as an extensive network of people from International Sports Organizations and the Olympic movement.


[Dominic is giving a presentation on the subject of “Plan a public relations and marketing strategy for Africa”, the assignment given to his group as to enrich Pyeongchang Olympics]

Q2. Please let us know your life in Korea, compared to that in your country.

How do you find Korean life compared to your country?

Life in Korea is easier and comfortable than back home. I like the ease at which I can commute within the country with one of the best transport systems in the world. The country is adept in modern technology, especially internet which facilitates my learning here. There is Wifi service pretty much everywhere which is not the case back home. However, interacting or socializing with Koreans has been a challenge for me, and I think it is mainly due to language barrier. Nonetheless, I see the excitement they feel when I am able to speak “my little” Korean. I have taken basic Korean language classes here and it helps me get around and shop for anything I want. I eat spicy food back home, so I am able to cope with Korean meals. My favorite Korean meal so far is Kimchi Fried rice.

Q3. It has been almost 1 year since your admission to DTM. We would like to listen to your academic life. Which class was most interesting and memorable for you, and why?

I have had very excellent and insightful courses in DTM. Each module uncovers important elements of sports management and leaves me enlightened in the process. The program provides us with adequate study resources for each module. I have enjoyed each class but the most interesting and memorable one for me is Sports Journalism taught by the expert, Alan Abrahamson. The class was casual, and I was encouraged to sign up on snap chat for the first time and learn how to navigate the app. It is a very interesting tool that could be used in sports marketing. Further, it brought into play my writing skills, which I am keen to continually hone. One thing Alan drummed in my head was: “relationships are everything”; emphasizing on the importance of networking and maintain healthy and quality relationships.

Q4. You have shown good academic performance in recent classes. Are there any tips for your study? Plus, brief your thesis proposal.

I try to pay a lot of attention in class and follow it up with the reading of study materials provided. Further, I do a lot of reading outside the class materials to expand my knowledge, and it has been very helpful. For example, “Talk like Ted” by Carmine Gallo has helped me to improve on my public speaking and power point presentation skills. I also do a lot of online research regarding topics discussed in class to gain deeper knowledge. I have my studies in my dormitory room. The online library resource makes it easier that way.

My thesis focuses on sports sponsorship; and my aim is to find out how corporations evaluate sponsorship opportunities of national sports organizations (NSO) and how strategic sponsorship process model could enhance the sponsorship process of NSOs.

After graduation, I hope to have an opportunity to intern with an international sports organization either in Korea or abroad. This will allow me to gain practical knowledge in the field and to put to use what I have learnt through the DTM program. I have a big dream to be the IOC President in future, and I hope to work within diverse International sports organizations to create the right network and gain adequate knowledge that will position me as an expert in sports.


[Dominic is watching the baseball game with his classmates at Gocheok Sky Dome.]