Seoul Olympic Stadium Field trip <2nd June 2016>

The Seoul Olympic Stadium, also known as Jamsil Olympic Stadium is located in Seoul, South Korea. It is the main stadium built for the 1988 Summer Olympics and the 10th Asian Games in 1986. It is the centerpiece of the Seoul Sports Complex in the Songpa District, in the southeast of the city south of the Han River.


[Dream Together Master Program 3rd batch students are taking a group photo before entering the Seoul Olympic Stadium]

In hopes of spreading and developing international sports markets, Students of developing countries were invited to participate in a visit to the Seoul Olympic Main Stadium, the largest stadium in Korea as well as the location of the 1988 Olympic games. During the visit, the students were granted the privilege of meeting and interacting with the Seoul E-Land Football Club’s players and associated staff members in the team’s locker rooms and operation offices, which are areas restricted to outsiders.


[Students are shouting “fighting” as they take a group photo with the athletes in the E.Land athlete locker room]

Through this experience, the students had the opportunity to learn about Seoul E-Land Football Club’s marketing strategies and creative idea development, which the organization implements to attract fans and visitors to the games at the stadium. Given the benefit of exposure to a developed sports marketing industry, we hope the students employ these experiences to advance their own sports economies back home. The students had a wonderful experience at the sports complex as they actively cheered for the team after it won a match at the end of the day.


[Students are tasting the E.Land’s one of the marketing, “Food Trucks(Food & Beer)” set on the athletic track]