Gocheok Sky Dome Visit

The Gocheok Sky Dome is a domed baseball stadium located in Gocheok-dong, Seoul, South Korea. It is the home ballpark for the Nexen Heroes. The stadium is primarily used for baseball and has a capacity for 17,000 spectators for baseball games. It also serves as a concert venue, with a capacity for around 22,000 spectators

As an extracurricular activity, the opportunity to visit to Gocheok Sky Dome, the Nexen Heroes’ home stadium was given to the DTM students. Gocheok Sky Dome is well known as the first dome stadium in Korea. This new experience gave students the privilege to learn about the team’s management operations, facility administration, and sports marketing strategies.


[Dream Together Master Program 3rd batch students are taking a group photo before entering the Gocheok Sky Dome Stadium]


[Bryce Oh, a staff of Dream Together Master Program, interpreting the introducing presentation of the Facility Manager]

In order to assist in developing their sports industries back at home, students were given the chance to listen to Rossetti’s Senior Associate, Mr. Sung Hoon Jung, speak about his experience in helping design the Gocheok Sky Dome. At the end of the lecture, the students acknowledged that they would be able to apply the principles Mr. Jung shared and that they were amazed by the grand scale of the stadium and the operation of the management.

Finally, to conclude their visit, the students were able to experience and observe the preparation and procedure of a sports event that day. During the game, the students continued to enjoy their stay by cheering on the home team alongside the Korean fans.


[Waiting for the game to start, students are taking their poses toward the cameraman on stand]


[DTM students are cheering for the Nexen Herose as they follow the cheer leader’s enthusiastic movement]