Special Lectures

Yong Lee

Coach of the national bobsleigh team

Yun-jong Won
Young-woo Seo

Athletes of Korea Bobsleigh Skeleton Federation, National bobsleigh team

Won and Seo are the first Asians to reach the top of the IBSF World Cup podium.
Moving to the top of the World Cup standings, they became one of the most competitive team to snath the first Olympic sledding medal on the home track at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Games.

Coach Yong Lee and Yun-jong Won and Young-woo Seo, all members of the national bobsleigh team, lectured today on the methodology behind the preparation and success of the national team’s performance. First, the speakers described the process the Olympics are undergoing to prepare for the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics by attracting the interests of those who are not familiar with winter sports.


[Young-woo Seo, the brakeman is giving a lecture to DTM students with the interpreter Yoon-jeong Kim, a graduate student of Sport Sociology at Seoul National University]

Digressing from the Olympic committee’s efforts, the speakers then began to lecture on the necessity of adequate training environments, the experience gained from initial failures in competitions, and the process that Korean bobsleigh national team underwent leading to wining the gold medal.

Hoping to inspire the students from developing nations who were in attendance, the gold-medalist team members and their coach shared their experiences. The students learned that they can follow the example of Korea, once a developing nation itself, by introducing the effort and competition preparation into their home countries to advance their own sports industries. The lecture concluded with more question and answer session, which allowed for the students’ to make final remarks and gratify their curiosity.


[Yong Lee, coach of the national bobsleigh team is giving a lecture to DTM students joined with the interpreter, Yoon-jeong, Kim]


[Speakers are taking photos with DTM students, shouting “cheese” after the special lecture]