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Sebusiso Keketsi, and Liang Si the 2nd batch DTM students participated in Rio Olympic Games

Paola Olmedo, Sebusiso Keketsi, and Si Liang are the 2nd batch graduates of Dream Together Master program. They have participated in the Rio Olympic Games as a sport administrator, a referee, and a coach.


Paola is working as executive assistance in the Ecuadorian Fencing federation. In Rio Olympic Games, she participated as a volunteer in the Sport Information Team in fencing game. She wrote on thesis about factors leading to Sport Success: The case of Korean Fencing.


Sebusiso keketsi works at Ministry of Gender and Youth, Sport and Recreation of Lesotho. His thesis in DTM was about about Barrieres that women need to overcome to become Boxers in Lesotho.


Liang Si is currently working at Chinese Taekwondo association. He participated in Rio Olympics as a referee in Taekwondo matches.

He wrote on thesis about the study on the current situation of the Taekwondo referees in China from sports administration perspective during his academic years in Dream Together Master program.

As a member of the Sport Information Team in fencing game, Paola played an important role in preceding the events with her expertise capability in sport management. Paolo was a member of the Sport Information Team in the Sport of Fencing that was in charge of maintaining the communication between the Technical Commission and the operational departments and the countries.

Through the experience, she learned that first of all, the complexity of an event of this magnitude, and the importance of working with a prepared team that is ready to overcome all the possible problems.


[Paola Olmedo and Sebusiso are taking a selfie at the stand of Boxing venue]

As a head Coach of 2 qualified boxers in the Olympics Sebusiso was requested to lead and coach the boxing team that was preparing for the Olympic Games. Rio Olympic Games were his third Olympics. He attended the first as an athlete in 2000 and the second one in 2008 as a Coach and 2016 also as a coach. In an interview with DTM, he said “I was able to design a comprehensive program, deal with technical issues and also the administrative one. It was easier to identify a gap at administrative level which would affect the athletes in a negative way and I was able to confront team leaders, including head of delegation and advice accordingly. It was easier to handle the technical issues and administrative one without any confusion. The approach was totally different, for example, I used to see volunteers as just other people but at this time, I had an understanding that they were games makers and I saw and treat them in a different way. I was even able to think outside the box, it was easier to identify positive and negative aspects from the organizing committee.I do not have enough words to explain the feeling except that “I am a different animal” after graduating from DTM program“

Above this, Liang Si, a member of the Chinese Taekwondo Federation performed as a referee for Taekwondo match.


[Met in Boxing venue, Sebusiso and Lian Si came taking photo, shouting “fighting”]


[Paola is taking a pose with her arms folded beside the table of results at Takwondo venue]


[Paola is taking a pose with the epee fencer Park Sang-young, the gold medalist in Rio Olympic games]