Special Lectures

Park Jaemin

Director at Galaxia SM

Par Jaemin is Director at Galaxia SM (Sport Event & Athlete Management). He majored in Advertising and PR at the Graduate School of Journalism & Mass Communication, Yonsei University. Until now he has worked more than 13 years in the sports marketing field such as Kobaco, LG Electronics Brand Day, JWT Sport Marketing. He also contributed to the Korean magazine called Monthly Event.


[Jaemin Park is taking a photo with DTM students as he closes his lecture]

Galaxia SM Director of Sport Events and Athlete management, Jaemin Park, gave a lecture which introduced and analyzed various topics regarding the current sports market. These topics included many of the leading companies in sports marketing, such as IMG, CAA, WSG, and IB Sports; ‘Sportainment;’ and recent trends in the sports marketing industry.

Mr. Park continued to specifically elaborate on the trends within each division of sports marketing (sports media, athlete management, sports events, and licensing) as well as the dynamics and perspectives on upcoming projects the industry hopes to accomplish in the near future.

The new projects that were presented were predicted and proposed with Mr. Park’s extensive experience in the field. To conclude the lecture, Mr. Park answered a variety of questions based on the information he had presented with diverse case studies that had been conducted.


[Jaemin Park is giving a lecture on sports business in America. The DTM students are concentrating on his instructive lecture.]