Interview - Student



Nationality Costa Rica

Secretary at Rugby Federation of Costa Rica

Ivon is the 3rd bath student of Dream Together Master Program. she served as a secretary at Rugby Federation of Costa Rica before joining DTM program. She loves the quote “I am the master of my fate:I am the captain of my soul”

Q1. Please introduce yourself and your country.

Name My name is Ivon Carballo. I’m from Costa Rica, a beautiful country in Central America.

Your family My house is always full of people. It’s my parents, my two brothers, my sister and me.

What do you do in your country I collaborated with the Rugby Federation. I was a rugby player. I also worked as an audiovisual producer, since my major is in communications and it one more of my passions.

Why did you choose the DTM course Sport is my passion. I was looking for different options to do a graduate program in sport management and when I heard from DTM, was pretty clear to me that it was the right option. It gives me the opportunity to get the best professors from around the world with big experience in the academy and in the field as well. All this while giving me the chance to live abroad and expand my world vision.


[Ivon is introducing herself at the reception for new students of Dream Together Master program in 2015]

Q2. Please let us know your life in Korea, compared to that in your country.

How do you find Korean life compared to your country.

Korean life is VERY different from my life back home. Things as basic as food, are a bit of a challenge here. When I arrived I could not handle any spice food at all. I’m getting better at it now. Communicating is the other big challenge. Learning Korean is very difficult for me since I’m dyslexic. I’m also getting better at it but at a very slow pace. A shocking thing for me was to learn that Korean women don’t seem very interesting in engaging in sports. Before coming I thought I was going to practice as much sport as possible, but then it’s been difficult to find women teams. I’ve been practicing with the SNU men teams (rugby and handball) what really helped me to get more easily to experience and understand the Korean culture. On the other hand, I’m really enjoying of the perks of living in such a big and modern city like Seoul.

Q3. It has been almost 1 year since your admission to DTM. We would like to listen to your academic life. Which class was most interesting and memorable for you, and why?

About the course / study / the most memorable class or extracurricular activity

This might sound a bit cliché but I really believe that all modules have been very good since we have learn about all different aspects of the global sport management. Personally, I really liked the class with Lisa Hindson. Before starting the program I came here with the idea that I liked sport even management and her module made me realize that is the part of sport that I like the most and what I would love to do the in the future. My other favorite was Sport Journalism with Alan Abrahamson, who reminded me how much I like communications and how amazing it would be to be able to combine all my knowledge in both, communications and sports. Regarding extracurricular activities I LOVED going to the basketball game in the VIP seats. I’m a basketball enthusiast and the experience of being right next to the court in a pro league was really amazing.


[Ivon is learning how to use chopsticks while she is eating Korean Food “Bibimbab” at the Korean restaurant, Hoam convention hall]

Q4. You have shown good academic performance in recent classes. Are there any tips for your study? Plus, brief your thesis proposal.

Don’t let it drown you. I try to take my time to do all the things I like. A balance between studying, practicing sports, having a social life, I believe is what allows me to stay centered and not getting frustrated when there’s a lot of school work to do. Also, trying to do the best I can even if I might not like the assignment, since I know everything we are going through here is preparing us for the future. When I’m studying I like to do it in my room where I feel comfortable and no one bothers me. I’m lucky to have a very silent and calm roommate that does not cause me any trouble or distractions.

Q5. What is your plan after graduation? Do you have any preference on jobs? Please tell me your hope in the future.

Like I mentioned before sport management is what I would love to do the most. Back home, in a near future, I would try to go back to collaborating with the rugby federation, hoping to do a good job improving all the federation’s events and properties. I would also like to work for different federations or sport organizations helping them improve their even management.